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Congratulation to Longeen Optical ~ 12 Annuversary

11 Oct 2017 -

October 2017 is Longeen Optical 12th anniversary. We are the one insist to make high quality acetate frames from the very beginning.

All the workers in the factory gathered from this family to share the happiness and joy.

First of all, Longeen Optical's today, cannot do without the joint efforts of the staff, the development of Longeen Optical, people cannot do without hard work.

For the best employees were commended and awarded the prize for the staff!

Learn from them and make its due contribution to the development of Longenn.

Secondly, the staff will perform their own specialty programs, singing, dancing and so on.

Finally, let us thank the past, look to the future, go forward together.

12 ANNIVERSARY - eyewear manufacturer