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How to chose glasses for different faces?

24 Jul 2017 -

When others see you wear a pair of new glasses, first into the person’s eyes are not frames, but your nose part. If you have a short nose, you should wear a bright nose rack, and the frames should be close to the forehead. A longer nose should shift other people's eyes to the nose rack, and a wider, tighter nose will make the nose shorter. Choose glasses modeling and tone, in addition to clothing and personality combined, but also to consider their respective facial shape.

Face the basic principle and frame Collocation: lens toward the side of the chin occupied space is bigger, the face will appear shorter, more narrow frame lenses or glasses, wear them high, the lower face will appear more long. The right glasses increase the vitality of the face and shape a better shape.

Round face: round face is round cheeks, forehead, rounded, and wide, rounded chin. So many round lines are required to wear glasses with more angular edges. If you choose to wire frame or gold rimmed edge, will make the face appear more round. The picture frame is wide and bevel shaped, and it will make the face look longer.1

Long face: typical long face to live, not high forehead, jaw more realistic, chin is also long, put on the right glasses, can make the face width and shorter. Wide nose stand and dark mirror leg will break the long straight line feeling. Because of the wide rim, large frame glasses can cover the lower part of the face to more, so I suggest that long face can wear such glasses.2

Square face: this face is characterized by broad foreheads. Facial edges and corners are trenchant, jaw area is taller, wider, the side of the face is very not apparent, face is founder. Wearing round, round or oval glasses can soften the contours of the face. Wearing a bright metallic frame can also eliminate this stiffness.3